Tuning & Repairs

Our fully qualified piano technicians provide in-home piano tuning and repair services to customers in Hobart and surrounds. We also arrange tuning trips to regional Tasmania.

To book a piano tuning, please phone us on 0434 547 349.

Standard Piano Tune From $220

Recommended for pianos we have sold or pianos that have been regularly tuned (every 1-2 years) and maintained. This service includes a full tuning of your piano and a brief overall inspection.

Piano Tune & Service From $330

Recommended for pianos that have been recently moved or have not been regularly maintained. This service includes a full tuning of your piano, repair of up to 5 notes, and adjustment of the playing mechanism and pedals.

Piano Tune, Service & Adjustment From $495

Recommended for pianos that may not have been tuned or maintained for many years.

We undertake a mini refurbishment in your home. During this comprehensive service, we tune the entire piano twice, repair notes that are not working properly, adjust the playing mechanism and pedals and dismantle the keyboard and playing mechanism to clean out dust and dirt which has built up through the years.

This service generally takes between 4-5 hrs and is very popular for those looking to have their piano refurbished without the associated inconvenient and expensive removal issues.