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Yamaha Piano U3H


This piano is a full size (131cm high) Yamaha U3H Upright Grand Piano manufactured in Japan in 1980 during the golden era of Japanese pianos. Yamaha U3H pianos have a full iron frame, are overstrung and have a high-quality timber constructed underdamper playing mechanism. A popular choice for professionals and music teachers, the full size U3 models are in high demand and short supply in Australia. The gloss black cabinet is in ‘as new’ condition, as is the keyboard and internal iron frame, soundboard and strings. The piano mechanism is immaculate, with very little wear and tear. The new equivalent model to this piano, the YUS3, now retails for in excess of $17,500 and only comes with a 10-year factory warranty, compared to our own 15-year warranty and premium care package. Therefore, this piano represents excellent value for money and long-term piece of mind. Since receiving this piano, we have conducted a full interior and exterior clean and detail, a

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1924 Wertheim ‘Gold Scroll’ – Fully Restored


This beautiful, fully restored, Wertheim ‘Gold Scroll’ Concert Upright has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. This magnificent handmade instrument was manufactured in 1924 in the Wertheim Piano Factory in Melbourne, Australia, during the peak of the piano industry and Australian manufacturing. The piano comprises a full double-strength gold-plated iron frame, quality overstrung design and handmade, solid timber patented Wertheim playing action. The beautiful cabinet is a magnificent and rare mix of Tasmanian Blackwood with European Walnut inlay. It has been fully stripped and re-French polished and looks stunning. All hinges, screws, locks and pedals were removed and repolished and the original ivory and ebony keyboard has been completely restored and is in excellent condition. The internal playing action and pedal mechanism have undergone a complete overhaul, with parts replaced as needed to bring the whole playing action back to tip top condition. Nothing has been left to chance with this restoration and no stone was

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NEW Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’

$7,495.00 $5,495.00

PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE!   We hold South Australia’s only licence to sell Alex.Steinbach’s range of German designed upright and grand pianos. The Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’ model is the largest selling German-designed piano in Australia. This professional piano stands at 121cm tall and is designed by world renowned German piano technician Klaus Fenner. These pianos offer both classy European styling combined with traditional wooden piano construction making them the perfect upright piano for Adelaide with our strong European influence. Alex.Steinbach’s patented ‘Imperial German Scale’ together with the use of high grade Roslau piano wire and solid wooden components provides greater reliability, tuning stability and clarity of sound than other new pianos on the market. Because of these features, Alex.Steinbach also offers a lifetime warranty, unrivalled in the new piano market with Kawai being its nearest competitor with only a 12 year warranty. The lifetime warranty also makes these pianos a fantastic option for institutions such as schools and churches as it removes all

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Fully Restored 1935 Grotrien-Steinweg (Steinway) Grand Piano


This magnificent and extremely rare Grotrian-Steinweg ‘Style 160’ Grand Piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are among the most prestigious ever made. They are highly sought after on the European market and an extremely rare find in Australia. This beautiful handmade instrument was manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1935, during the absolute peak of the European piano industry and German piano manufacturing. The stunning European Walnut cabinet has been completely stripped back to bare wood and repolished with a French-polish and waxed finish. All hardware has been removed and re-polished, including hinges, screws, locks and pedals. Internally, the soundboard has been restored and the iron frame has undergone a full, back to bare metal restoration and all pins, strings and felts have been replaced. The original ivory and ebony keyboard has been fully restored, including replacement of all keyboard felts and materials, and is in excellent condition. The keyboard has been levelled

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Julius Bluthner


This magnificent Bluthner Concert Upright Piano has been fully restored and rebuilt in our piano workshop in Norwood. The following work has been carried out on this piano: All original tuning pins removed and replaced with high quality nickel plated tuning pins; Removal of the iron frame and restoration of the original spruce soundboard including shimming; Full restring of all treble strings with high quality Roslau piano wire; Full restring of all bass strings with quality copper-wound bass strings hand made in Europe; Full rebuild of the beautiful original Ivory and Ebony keyboard including new felts throughout; Full rebuild of the patented Bluthner Piano action including new felts and centre pins throughout; Full rebuild of the pedal trap and associated mechanism and rods. Nothing has been left to chance in this restoration, over 300hrs of labour has gone into this job. There are few businesses anywhere in Australia that have the skills to restore a piano to this standard. Bluthner

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Rare 1964 ‘Art Series’ Mornington & Weston Piano


This lovely Mornington & Weston ‘Art Series’ Piano was built in London, England in 1964.  It features a unique French polished European walnut cabinet with teak marquetry inlay and a full double iron frame.  The restored original keyboard in is excellent condition and its internal structure comprises an overstrung design and underdamper mechanism. Mornington & Weston ‘Art Series’ pianos are rarely seen in Australia.  This piano was first purchased in England and came to Australia with the family when they moved.  Over the past 10 years, 2 children have used it to learn piano and we have tuned it during that time.  The children have now advanced and the family decided to upgrade to a grand piano and trade-in this lovely instrument. The price includes professional, fully insured delivery, matching piano bench with lift-up lid and a full 15-year warranty. Also included is our premium care package including on-delivery inspection and free first tuning within 2 months after delivery.

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Ronisch 3 Crown


This particular piano is a restored 1908 3 Crown Ronisch ‘Artiste’ upright grand piano (132cm tall) manufactured in Berlin, Germany during the peak of the European Piano manufacturing industry. The internal structure of the piano is of the highest quality and comprises a full gold leaf, quality restored German overstrung designed iron frame and hand made, solid timber underdamper playing action. From a structural and mechanical perspective, this piano is far more superior than most modern pianos made from plastic components and chipboard panelling. The piano has a beautiful grain pattern and hand carved artisan style top panel, unique to the cabinet maker who originally manufactured the timber cabinet of the piano. The original keyboard is in excellent condition with no chips or damaged keys. This is a beautiful original European piano suitable for all levels of playing from beginners to advanced musicians. It has a lovely warm tone typical of a piano from this era. Give your home a

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Beckman Pianola with Matching Roll Cabinet & Bench


This lovely full-size Beckman Pianola was manufactured in Chicago USA in 1926.  It features a French polished American Walnut cabinet in beautiful condition and comes with a matching pianola roll cabinet and piano bench with reupholstered lift-top lid. A full-size family model, this lovely pianola includes a full iron frame, overstrung design and underdamper mechanism.  Both the cabinet and original keyboard are in beautiful condition and the pianola mechanism is in good working order. This Pianola came to us from a farmhouse on the Yorke Peninsula and we have restored it to its former glory.  It plays perfectly both as a piano and pianola, providing hours of fun for the family. Pricing includes professional, fully insured delivery, matching piano bench and a full 15- year warranty.  Also included is our premium care package including on-delivery inspection and free first tuning within 2 months after delivery. Country and interstate delivery easily arranged through our nationwide Removalist.

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